Friday, January 28, 2011

I am submitting RTI query to worli.

Respected sir,
I  am sending you soft copy of RTI query. I will be sending the print out too to worli.
My request is to not to give evasive reply. Put up notice board, charts, useful info on all choki too ( like on your web site). Let us mame democracy a people friendly and not just officials friendly.Let us use 3 language formula and under that pl. reply in Marathi, Hindi or English as desired by applicant. I want reply in english. Also provide copy of reply by email so same can be widly circulated.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

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Application for seeking information under RTI

(See rule 3)


To The Public Information Officer

Asstt. Commissioner of Police (West Region) Traffic, (Sakinaka, Airport, Vakola, Bandra, D.N.Nagar) Sir Pochakhanwala Rd. Worli, Mumbai 30, Tel.No.24940303 – Ext:119



1.       Name of the Applicant                              :Alok  Tholiya

2.       Address                                                         :Tholiya Bhavan, 10th Rd.,

                                                             Santa Cruz East, Mumbai 400055

Tel No. 9819733059/


3.       Information sought: - About towing activities

4.       All information pertains to D N Nagar Traffic police and their responsibilities.

5.       Statistics required are for period 1 st January 2010 to till date of your making the reply.

6.       Pl. give how many towing vans are in service in this jurisdiction?

7.       Pl. give name, address and vehicle no. of towing vans and no. of towing done by each one of them during above period?

8.       How much is being paid to towing van owners. Is it per towing? So how much has been paid to each of above towing van per month since January 2010 till the date of your reply? And how much has been collected for govt. treasury against same no. of towing?

9.       Which authority decides type of parking and parking / no parking zone?

10.    On Pali ram road next to BMC Brahamakumari Hospital off S V Road, Andheri west there is some parking space reserved for BMC. Who has sanctioned that parking reservation? Pl. furnish copy of relevant order?

11.    I had asked for copy of that order from Choki which lets parking reservation for BMC on that road and in case of anyone else parking it authorizes your dept to tow away the vehicle. They did not have that copy. Are they acting on verbal instructions of someone influential  or they are acting on official instructions?? Pl. furnish copy of official instructions to that effect.

12.    What are the documents demanded when one approaches to get his towed vehicles released?

13.    Why there is no notice board on traffic police choki near Andheri flyover west?? We find many boards in local police station, ration office and all other places but traffic police station. Why there should not be a chart on display that suggests documents required while getting towed vehicle released/ the various offences and fine there too, no. of vehicles towed and type of vehicles towed/ prominent traffic jam roads and their parking instructions etc etc..

14.    Why there is no board to show address PIO under RTI at this choky?

15.      Who sanctions pay and park facilities?

16.    Who sanctions towing vans on contract to your dept.?

17.    Pl. give name ,address, copy of shops and establishment license, copy of service tax license  of S Yadav Towing service and name and address of owner of S yadav towing service.

18.    Which authority sanctions PUC checking centers/agents? Give full contact details.

19.    I state that information sought does not fall within the restrictions contained in the Section 8 & 9 of the Act and to best of my knowledge it pertains to your office.

15. This is to certify that I, Alok Tholiya Son of Shri B L Tholiya, am a citizen of India.

16. A court fee stamp @ of Rs. 10 has been affixed herewith.

12. Pl. advise us in writing In case there is need to pay any additional fees. Same will be paid promptly.

13. Pl. send the information requested by post to me at my address. Any postal charges if any will be paid by me.      



Place: Mumbai


Signature of Applicant

Tel.  No. (Office): 09324225699

              (Res)   09819733057

Postal Address: Tholiya Bhavan, 10th rd., Santa Cruz east, Mumbai 400055

14. Note: The information is sought by me as a responsible law abiding citizens to be submitted before Hon. Court in , Mumbai, India.

*WE will approach appellate officer and above if we do not get information as sought as per law.




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