Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Re: HINDU ppt

Dear Irfan,
Very good response. I would have liked it to be hosted on group posts. You may make necessary corrections:
  1.  I have not prepared this ppt. It came to me and I fwd.
  2.  when u say many then put them as 1 2 3
  3. come out with facts about tolerance in various countries and issues ( do some basic research so it does not become totally controversial).

Hope a enlightened vad vivad / debate will help clear several issues / wrong image / wrong portraying.And reduce differances / voilence.

It will be also very nice if ( very difficult to do for common man) to thank some govt  policies if r good towards their community.

It will be nice if you keep writing and make right place thinkers and good communicators as otherwise they r thought to be only voilent ( and I keep getting threatening mails but just delete them).


Image / perceptions / fobia / ill will can change thru properly putting down arguments but substantiated with facts and figure.Hope we will have better tomorrow. I will always fwd  any/ all  ppt if it is showing goodness of any community/ group of  people/  religious group. It is only by chance Hindu has come. Send Muslim, cristian, SC / ST etc showing good of them and same will be fwd too.

Thanks and Regards,
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From: Irfan Khan <ifru@hotmail.com>
To: tholiya@yahoo.com
Sent: Tue, 10 August, 2010 1:09:01 PM
Subject: RE: [menow] HINDU

Well Alok Bhai,

Many of the facts are untrue because subsidies are not given as a charity to Haj pilgrims but to make business if Air India doesnt do it there are airlines lined up for that, hence nothing secular or unsecular. 
You portrayed Muslims in India as if they have been dropped from space but infact they are as much indian as any Hindu or buddhist could be. For centuries people have accepted the faith and reverted to islam so many of these were of a religion other than islam. Apart from the above the very interesting fact you pointed about the diversified culture and the provision of constitutional rights given to each and every individual in this very country of ours. India proclaimed that its a secular country and that gives it a stand in the global area to be recognised.
I agree most of the muslim country doesnt has a leader other than muslim but not all. If you try to get a sneak quick look at most of the gulf states every one is allowed to practise his/her religion infact you will find churches and temples in UAE, Bahrain, Indonesia and all these are because Islam is a tolerant religion which disseminates equality and peace among all the human race.
The points you've raised in you presentation makes me proud more of being an Indian and to have neighbours who are tolerant Hindus as you profess yourself. If your mail is to create a pacification among all indians of all races then you've done the job, but if the intention is otherwise then you've incited more harm than good.


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From: tholiya@yahoo.com
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 08:40:40 +0530
Subject: [menow] HINDU

Subject: HINDU

A very good prsentation on secularism!  a thought provoking.




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