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Fw: Hearty thanks and hats off for opening first Vegetarian 5 star Hotel....Alok


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Alokji it is realy great work of him and great idea of u to get publish directory of jain places. I think in our society, the people who just talk of religion in fact they themselves dnnt follow the pricipales of jain religion as every one is having elephant's teeth. Even the leading news paper  times of india , where management is of jain any pain is taken to promote jain culture on the contrary i believe maximum of principles of jain religion are not followed in their organisation.
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Subject: Hearty thanks and hats off for opening first Vegetarian 5 star Hotel....Alok
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The CEO.,
Country Inns and Suites ,
East Delhi,
To, Jain orgs and printers and activists,
I have been getting mails and sms for making our religious place only for veg. or declaring our festivals free of slaughter etc etc..
Why we should meddle with belief and culture of others. When we jains flock Non veg. hotels, buy cakes from non veg bakeries, buy sweets with silver foil made on animal skin, etc etc.
And many of us r consuming alcohol, using bad words etc etc.
We Jains should not pressurise others for their  acts as per their cusoms but try to follow ours more deligently ( I m not saying to even issue whip lest talibani style fatva). We can only spread awareness , educate and set an example.
To this end Shri Salek Chandji Jain , kagzi has made very revolutionary , futuristic and bold move by starting first ever vegetarian 5 star hotel in Delhi. My salute to him. Hope many more such hotels , eateries, and fast food chains will come up world wide to give vegetarians easy and tasty food of all continents but vegetarian.
I would request all vegetarians to make useof this hotel when in Delhi. ( By the way I do not know at all Mr Salek or any one from his business.
It will be appro[prite to ask Jain organisations and publishers to come out with dirctory of pure Veg. venues, hotels, caterers, food parlours, fast food joints, Pizza hiouses etc etc so we and our children can lay hands easily on such places and desist from going to non veg places.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.),Marigold Hall,
Tholiya Bhavan,10th Road,Santacruz East,
Mumbai 400055
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